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Seeking Kraft

Have you ever felt stuck, plateaued or lost with how to improve in climbing? The day I decided to find my potential with climbing, to take the sharp end and lead my ability, to remove the mental boundaries that were holding me back, was the day my relationship with climbing changed. Continue reading

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Strategies for onsight bouldering competitions

Just in time for Youth Nationals this weekend. If you are a competitor, parent of a competitor or simply curious about competition climbing, have a look at this document. Hopefully this will take the mystery out of onsight bouldering competitions and help competitors be their most prepared. Continue reading

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So you want to be a rock climbing coach? Part I – Introduction

Introduction This past weekend was my first competition youth coaching experience and I missed a fundamental piece that could have cost my competitor her rightful 2nd place for her category.Β I thought I covered all of the bases with preparation, strategy, … Continue reading

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