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Black Peak

If Sourdough summit through Stetattle Ridge is where trails go to die, then Black Peak is where trails are born. — an observation comparing trail experiences between Stetattle Ridge and the approach to Black Peak. Lots of information on this … Continue reading

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Sourdough Mountain and Stetattle Ridge

“Where trails go to die…” an observation while trying to find our way along Stetattle Ridge to Mis-kai-whu/Stetattle North Ridge Peak Logistics All of the information you need to know about how to get here, passes, and trail logistics is … Continue reading

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Alaska Part I – A Journey Into The Last Frontier

“In terms of wilderness preservation, Alaska is the last frontier. This time, given one great final chance, let us strive to do it right. Not in our generation, nor ever again, will we have a land and wildlife opportunity approaching … Continue reading

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