Build a gym! Have an impact on youth.

I’m building a non-profit climbing addition in the Red River Gorge, Ky. Please donate today and help my vision become reality. Read on for details. Lots of photos of the progress at at the end of this post. Check it out!




Inspire healthy and active lifestyles through rock climbing


  • Make climbing in this region accessible to everyone
  • Bring diverse talents and backgrounds into the community to broaden the pool for role models for youth and adolescents
  • Provide an alternative for recreation to help keep youth off the streets and away from drugs and alcohol
  • Expand outreach programs to inspire youth and adults towards healthier, more active lifestyles
  • Create a community that values one another while participating in this sport
  • Groom future climbers, volunteers, and leaders within the community through participation in climbing


Lee County Climbing Center is different from most other public climbing places. It is built and managed by a 501(c)3 non-profit Kentucky Mountain Mission Inc. of Eastern Ky., as an extension to the existing Lee County Rec Center. The Mission understands that a town needs nearby access to a recreational facility to provide a physical outlet that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. The addition of a climbing center embraces the growth of climbing in the region and attempts to bridge the gap between the community and the climbers who come here.  People come from all over the world to climb on outdoor cliffs in the region. Bringing varied talents into the climbing addition offers an opportunity to bridge the gap between climbers and locals.

In the words of a local:
“…I love the Rec Center and want it to continue to be the place it was for me growing up. It provided a safe place for me and other friends to hang out. I do appreciate all that you are doing to support our community. I think this will be a great addition to the Rec Center.”


Watch this CNN video to capture the essence of this town and its economy. This video underscores the importance of such a facility and why the Director has gained the tagline: lifting people out of poverty. Check out this article to learn more about him and why he does so much for this town.

I met William Owens, Director of KMM of Eastern KY, while working in the school there to bring Computer Science as a curriculum. He’s also the Chairman of the School Board. He believed in the opportunities I brought and after 6 years of looking for a way to integrate climbing, we finally have a space!  Show your support and make a donation to help us finish, maintain, and operate the gym. Become part of something that will have a lasting impact in a region that deserves opportunities like this.


Pictures of the Climbing Addition progress:

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