Audrey Sniezek has been climbing since 1992 (starting in University) and has worked a full time, corporate, software engineering job since 1995. She took herself from recreational climber to World Cup competitor as a representative of the US National Team for bouldering and sport climbing in her late 30’s. She has had multiple female first ascents of routes such as Dr. Evil (5.14a), Extended Evil (5.14b), and Lost Horizons (5.14b) in North Bend, Washington all achieved after turning 40. She holds a first ascent of Horseless Samarai (5.12d) in Vietnam and Knees and Toes (5.12C) in Red River Gorge, Ky. In addition she has bouldered several V9s, summited 1 Big Mountain, ice climbed in the Changpin Valley of Western China, and done a few classic North Cascades summits.

She has been training for climbing since 2003 working with esteemed coaches and former world champions.Β  She continues to travel and climb as an athlete and tours the country giving slideshows and providing clinics for events. She has even given presentations to large audiences up to live televised broadcasts and is available for clinics and as an inspirational speaker.Β You can buy her online training program, which is based on her coaching and competition experience for adults and youth, or find her at Stone Gardens in Bellevue, WA for an in-person coaching session.


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