Day 24: The Eve of things

IMG_5502Are you the type of person who gets nervous most on the eve of an event? This Christmas Eve reminds me of the preparation and orchestration required to make something happen and how nerve wrecking the last minute experience can be, if I let it. Relaxing and enjoying the process as things unfold may not be your strong suit, but I encourage this Christmas Eve to breathe and let go of expectations to embrace what lies ahead.

With planning and preparation, we hope an event will be what we imagined, and the nerves we experience on the eve of the event remind us of how much we want things to turn out a specific way. The reality can turn out dramatically different, but there are also times when things execute flawlessly. No matter how much you prepare, the challenge is not knowing which will be the case, ahead of time.

Whether it’s the eve of an exam, a competition, a Holiday gathering, a presentation, or whatever, the following principles will help create a memorable experience.  First, breathe. There’s a lot of stress built up around expectations and breathing will help alleviate some of that. Next, find your patience. The Holidays are not about you, they are about community and good will. A little patience goes a long way and your influence can mean the difference of events going one way vs. another. Finally, be resilient. In the face of challenges, find a way to make situations work.

It’s easy to become burdened by the weight of expectations, after all, it’s not just your expectations you think have to meet. It could be expectations from others as well. This is not the time to worry about any of that. The time for that was before the Eve.  Think of  eves as beginnings, about arriving. Why not arrive in style, with confidence, dapper, and zeal? Your work is done, it’s time to execute. Breathe, relax, focus and everything will turn out fine.

I hope your Holiday Eve has gone well. It’s Christmas!

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About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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