Blog 22: Framework is underway


Here it is! A first glance at the framework for the new climbing space coming to Beattyville, Ky. First this is a not-for-profit initiative and so far we have the best crew of minds and hands going into this. I can’t wait to unveil the interior design. Meanwhile, we need to start fundraising and material gathering to help finish it off!

This place has been a haven for troubled youth. Back when I started working with the school in 2012, I saw first hand how the recreation center used it’s resources to support youth and the community. This is not simply a recreational center, it’s a community center, it’s a mentoring center, it’s a fitness facility and with it’s small computer area, it’s a tutoring/learning center.  In short, for a county struggling to thrive, let alone stay alive, this is their only recreational outlet and it happens to be well situated for the famous Red River Gorge. Learn more about the Rec Center, here.

People come here from all over the world to climb. When the weather craps out, or on rest days, it’s a pain to drive all the way to Richmond or Lexington. Many people don’t even know that the recreational center exists with high speed internet and pizza at the junction of 498 and KY 11. Ok, it’s not Miguel’s famous pizza but it’s still actually quite tasty. The point is, climbers can now recreate, hang, work, and train here along with the locals.

To make this space possible we need materials and money. All of the work being done is volunteer. I’m driving the project, a few locals (Brendan Leader, Rene Keyzer-Andre, Blake Bowling, and Erik Kloeker) are my primary designers, influencers, and people on the ground. A few people associated with the Rec Center are managing the enclosure, finances, and build-out. All-in-all, we have an amazing team!

As we move forward on this we are looking for some materials. Anyone willing to donate items to us, please contact me.

Moon climbing and Metolius Climbing have both stepped up to support the project already!

We’ll be fundraising to cover the rest. Here’s what we need at the moment:

  1. T-nuts (lots, I can get a number to you, simply contact me)
  2. gymnastic pads (maybe used ones from high schools as they turn them over for the next year, or old gym flooring, or new gym flooring (we can talk about dimensions, just reach out)
  3.  Holds, we need a good variety of holds for the space. Metolius has already donated some holds. Moon Board has donated holds and a set of panels.
  4. chalk air filter, commercial or? We are not set on the model just yet, but if you have one we should consider we’ll talk to you
  5. climbing shoes and chalk bags (all sizes,  for a stock pile for rentals)

Financially, what we need:

  • $3500 to finish the enclosure (put up the aluminum exterior, and doors)
  • $3000 to buy the materials to build out the interior walls (pending any donations)
  • $3000 to buy the flooring and holds (pending any donations)

That’s almost $10,000 if we have to buy everything ourselves. If you can help, donate today or contact me about donating items.

Donations can be made by check (we’ll set up a fundraising page soon) to:

Kentucky Mountain Mission of Eastern Ky Inc.
EIN: 23-7431572

If everything goes well, we should have this open by Spring 2018.


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