Day 21, Last minute shopping…

AudreySmith (2)If you are celebrating this Holiday Season with gifts, I hope you remembered to check out some of the Small Businesses around you. Like my coaching business, there are other services and products you can support. Here’s a few ideas you can do in time for Christmas.

  1. Donate the gift of membership to any of the following organizations:
    1. Access Fund
    2. American Alpine Club
    3. The Mountaineers
    4. (your local coalition: e.g. Washington Climbers Coalition)
  2. Donate a gift to charity on someone’s behalf (or yours)
    1. National Park Foundation
    2. Juniper Fund
    3. Radiating Hope
    4. Sange Sherpa – Help rehabilitate his hands
    5. Local Children’s charities in Seattle (find one local to you)
  3. Some odds and ends services to consider as gifts
    1. Rock climbing coaching with Audrey Sniezek
    2. Nutrition consultations
    3. Avalanche courses and other instruction by Kaf Adventures
  4. Some odds and ends products that might not make it in time, but worth considering
    1. Dry Pointe shoe inserts
    2. Suspended Designs – jewelry by Kate Rutherford
    3. Angela Joan Payne photography
    4. Carbon wheels for Bicycles
    5. Sustainable clothing – 3rd Rock
    6. Creations by Myranda Bair
    7. Learn to Lift (lose weight without the dieting)
    8. Metolius Climbing
    9. Elete Electrolytes

I hope these help!

Disclaimer: WordPress may include ads, which I do not endorse, to various blogs following posts.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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