Day 20, Train or not to Train


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If you are like me and obsessed with climbing as much as you can, then you probably aren’t resting as much as you should. Holidays are here and I usually encourage some down time or at the very least to be less obsessed about getting the work outs in. Go with the flow and come back ready to train after the Holidays.

This is tricky if you are a competitor because the competitions are inconveniently slated for just after the Holidays. That means squeezing in training before your other obligations take you away, could lead to over training or injury–as could coming back too quickly after a pause or break. Don’t do this! Don’t squeeze in more so you can rest and not miss a step. It doesn’t work that way. Take the rest and pick it back up when you can. You are not going to lose that much in a week or two.

The rest will feel surprisingly good, not just for the psyche but for the muscles and tendons that have probably been under stress for an unknown time. Most people don’t take enough recovery time anyway. Give yourself this permission to ease off and not be too critical about how you are doing. Your body will thank you and if done right, you will come back stronger.

That said, here are some things you can do to help stay ready for your after Holiday come back.

  1. eat well – really try to avoid all of the sugar and fats that can accumulate during this time
  2. Do something – don’t sit on the couch for long periods. This is a great time to mix things up and do something different. Ice Skate for instance, go tubing, Skiing, hiking, running, walking, yoga, visit a regular gym for an hour, etc.
  3. Make your Holiday social time active social time. Plan something with the people you will be with that gets you doing something, even if it’s not your regular intensity. You will feel better about yourself.
  4. Rest. Get the sleep you need. Obligations can pile up, don’t try to play catch up.  Sleep. It will be good for you!

If “nothing” is what ends up happening, just remember to ease back into your sport over a week or two, slowly ramping the intensity back up. This will stave off injury and make you feel like getting back to your prior fitness isn’t an epic experience. Make a realistic plan now and commit to it. You will feel more at ease with yourself during this time and when they are over, all because you have a plan.

Don’t obsess. You will come back. Enjoy this time of year.

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About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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