Day 9, Fire prevention

fireOn my way into town this morning, I drove over a cigarette butt tossed from a car into the highway still glowing at the tip. I immediately thought of the fires raging in CA just now. How can some people be so ignorant?

It’s one thing to be out of the loop, not having heard about the fires raging down south. It’s another to be living here after our own summer of raging fires. We have had very dry, but cold weather up here.  I think of those kids who kicked off the Columbia River Gorge fire by tossing firecrackers over a cliff. Why would anyone risk starting a fire by tossing something still burning out of a moving vehicle? It’s downright scary to watch especially in light of today’s fires.

In 2016,
60,932 human-caused wildfires burned nearly
4 million acres.

NPR did an interesting podcast exploring this issue, claiming 84% of fires started because of humans. I wish we, as humans, were more aware of our impact here on Earth and on each other. And, if there was a way for me to tell this person to stop doing this, I would.

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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