Day 8: RRG gets an indoor climbing space

6 days into this 30 day, self-imposed blog challenge I started to feel the apprehension and withdrawal from putting myself “out there.” I’m fascinated as I observe the feelings and thoughts that have cropped up and that are continuing to gnaw at me to withdraw and step back into the shadows. It’s the place I’m most comfortable, despite what you might think, given that I put myself “out there” pretty regularly with my climbing, coaching, presentations, etc. Today was a struggle to believe I had anything worth writing about until I read my email and discovered the best news I could have heard today!

Since my job isn’t giving me hours, in fact they’ve given them all to India because I’m too expensive by comparison, I’ve been trying to reinvent myself (yet again). I am not a couch potato so with my “spare time” I’ve been busy! One of the initiatives I’ve been working on and have been trying to get off the ground for a few years is a climbing space in the Red River Gorge. Today I learned that the enclosure is almost complete AND another big donation came in to help fill it in for climbing!


A Moon Board

It’s hard to imagine the Red River Gorge needing an indoor facility, but think about it. First off, the locals can get a big benefit. Kids can come in and learn how to climb and we can begin to blend the tourism of climbing with the local community. There are also climbers who live in the region and more moving into the region. Most of them have a climbing garage or access to one, but an alternate facility would be useful. Finally, when tourists come to climb, some stay a long time. Not all climbers who come are able to climb much. For instance, one person in a couple might be injured or not as psyched but both are there for the season. Finally, if the weather craps out and people get antsy, this would be a facility for them without having to drive to Lexington.

This place also has really good internet, access to a fitness facility, clean bathrooms and a shower. You can even get a coffee or pizza there after your training. πŸ™‚ The build out is happening now and I’m excited for it. I’ve had holds sitting in the center waiting to be used and finally they will be!

This wasn’t the only news I heard today. In my email there was confirmation that we are getting a Moon board! Yay! I’m super excited to incorporate this in our buildout. Next time you visit the Gorge, stop by the Rec Center at the junction of Ky 11 and 498 to check it out.

Lee County could use a boost in revenue from tourism and this is one way to help make that happen. Lots of things targeted for climbers in Powell (Miguel’s county) and Wolf (Rock House county) but climbers tend to only drive through Lee to climb and then leave. I’ve got some strong support from a few locals and from the judge, not to mention the man who owns that facility in the first place (him and his board). I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to see the end result myself!

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