Post Primary Predispositions

cropped-mt-stuart.jpgIt’s been awhile since I sat down to blog, but with the Primaries concluded, I felt compelled to put out a call to action to all citizens of legal age to vote. The saddest part about my social media is that I speak to many who “get it”. However, I am hopeful to reach some that “don’t”. Those in my circle who “don’t get it”, I know they are the exception to the “lowest common denominator” remark by Stephen Hawking. I know they are smart people, yet, I am challenging them and all Trump supporters to look closer, more carefully and deeply into Trump’s agendas before carte blanche voting for him this November. I want everyone to get out there this November and make an informed vote.

Remember running for President is not a popularity contest or a Presidential reality TV show. Your voice will make a difference in how America is shaped for the next 4 years and beyond. I simply ask, are you informed enough to know what you are voting for come November?

Don’t be apathetic and let someone else make the decision for you. If you haven’t already, start understanding the policies and platforms for which each candidate stands. Look beyond the surface.

Is Trump really the change you seek and if you really believe he is, think deeper than his words. Challenge him to go deeper with his thoughts. Reversing climate change policies? Making databases of all Muslims? Equal pay for women only if they are deemed (by who?? men?) to do the job as well as a man? What does he really stand for?

Remember that lasting, effectual change does not happen overnight. Likewise, ripping out current infrastructure like Obama care and climate change policies while instantiating radical ones like building a wall, blocking Muslim immigration and building a database of domestic Muslims….these changes can leave a scar, and can quickly unravel all of the hard work and forward progress we have made in the these areas (to name a few). And if you think his “policies” won’t touch you somehow, you are wrong. Go back and review critical moments in history by other “Leaders” like him.

You may not like Hillary, but her words are not just words. There is actual substance there to support her claims and ability to lead this Country. And stop focusing on superficial BS like her new hair cut or color, her clothes, etc. I heard my neighbors talking about this last night and was shocked! Seriously, are we really a society that revolves around the mundane? Do people even think they play a part in how our Country evolves? Then, it came to me. Why do we focus on these superficialities? I realized it’s simply because we can.

How lucky are we that we can focus on a candidate’s appearance or their words rather than their actions, talents, skills, and policies? Thank our Leadership that has brought our culture to this place and enabled us to have the luxury to focus on passionate speeches, clothes, and hairstyles. We say we want change but the reality is we want someone else to make it happen and instead are looking for entertainment in politics instead of facing the drab reality: making changes means we must get involved.  There is work and effort when that happens. It can be an arduous undertaking but, as Americans, we are truly lucky to have this choice.

Be smart America. Get involved, be informed and most importantly VOTE come November. Your voice matters.

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About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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