so you want to be a rock climbing coach? Part III – The Luckiest Girl

The Luckiest Girl

Mike, Aurora, Audrey

Mike, Aurora, Audrey

Aurora is the luckiest girl. No one else in her family climbs, yet they support her in her climbing ambition 110%. Her dad has taken classes to learn how to belay her and lead belay her in addition to paying for her coaching and driving her an hour to get her to the gyms. Having them there the day of the competition to watch her perform and see how they glowed with pride at her accomplishments, well, it was priceless. Watching how she did compared to the other competitors made it clear that Aurora has talent in this space. She belongs here. And, her parents saw that, too.

I was fortunate that Tyson Schoene, head coach of the Vertical World (VW) climbing team was there as well as his Redmond coach, Alex Fritz. Alex was competing and made it into finals and at one point during the competition even coached Aurora with a climb when I couldn’t come inside the roped area. Eventually, as her coach, they let me in. 🙂 Anyway, I had a chance to introduce the family to these coaches and have them talk a little about their teams. It’s important that if Aurora pursues this she find the team that suits her. In addition to checking out the StoneGardens (SG) team, she should check out VW, too. Having the right fit is the most important aspect for her right now. Knowing that these teams were interested in her really boasted her confidence.

What has this got to do with coaching? Everything. If the parents aren’t onboard, if the youth isn’t psyched, if the vibe is off with the team and the youth, then all bets are off. Youth climbing teams can be a great place for kids who want to compete and excel in climbing but it’s not the only way…it’s an easier way, but not the only way. It’s important to consider what is right for the individuals involved.

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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