Kick Up Your Climbing Skills: 7 Pro Tips From Audrey Sniezek a Roots Rated article

Kick Up Your Climbing Skills: 7 Pro Tips From Audrey Sniezek by Samantha Larson.

Thanks to Roots Rated for reaching out for an interview. This article summarizes my recommendations for how others can make the most of their situations and still fit in climbing. There are 7 tips that will help you map out a way to climb your best. I’d love to hear how others achieve success in their lives.

Morning at Little Si

Good morning Little Si.


Here’s an enjoyable summary of some background leading up to the article:

I had the pleasure of hanging out with journalist and accomplished climber Samantha Larson recently. Sam has climbed all of the 7 summits, has her own Wikipedia page that calls out her brief claim as the youngest and first non-Nepalese woman to summit Mount Everest, and is still a young 20-something. This unassuming woman approached me about an interview but with my busy schedule the best I could do was invite her to join us at the rock one early morning. To my surprise, she showed up! Most people are well-intentioned but the early hour scares them away.

If she wanted to know more about me and my climbing, this was the best way for her to do it. We had a full team that morning with lively discussions all the way there and back. It was a great way for Sam to hear everyone’s story, not just mine. We didn’t treat Sam like a journalist, if she came out early with us she was going to climb with us, too.

I was told a few weeks later by a friend of hers I ran into at the cliff that Sam was very glad I offered her coffee afterward. The woman told me Sam had thought she could take notes on the hike and at the cliff, but we hiked up and back so fast and climbed non-stop that note taking proved impossible.  I think she was relieved when she was able to place a recorder in front of her at the coffee shop and settle in for a chat. I only wish I had thought to do the same because to me, Sam has an incredible background worth capturing. 

Roots Rated is a website highlighting the best places to go and things to do for an enjoyable outdoor experience. All of their content comes from local retailers connecting them with high-level/performing area experts. Their tagline

…RootsRated brings people who love the outdoors together, through insights from locals who are most in the know.

I checked them out before accepting the interview.

Under their Stories category you will find articles and reviews of things to do and the destinations to experience through the eyes of these local experts. Included in that list is the  article she wrote from this day. For not being able to take notes and having to rely on my ramblings from the recorder, I thought she did an incredible job summing everything up. Have a read.

Thanks Sam and Roots Rated!

Kick Up Your Climbing Skills: 7 Pro Tips From Audrey Sniezek.

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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