School shooters, terrorists and society

This is an interesting read. I agree that these school shooters are nothing more than home grown terrorists. They are sick and unstable. Somewhere along the lines they never learned the tools  or decided they were too good to bother to deal with heavy emotions like outrage, disappointment, hurt, anger, or even love.
I like the angle this author has taken because I do think we are a self absorbed society that doesn’t pay enough attention to our neighbors (I’m guilty). Would that notion stop any of this madness? Probably not, but maybe these people would find a more constructive way to differentiate themselves and stand out…make their mark if they had better influences regularly involved in their lives.
The world needs more heros, activists, people changing the world for the better. I think when someone feels alone and lost they tend to look for ways to be seen and noticed…everybody needs a level of attention or recognition. If you are starving for it and can’t find it constructively, then it’s easy to drift into non-constructive and maybe like these shooters, become destructive to yourself and others.
All they want is to be remembered? I don’t think their methods are smart like the author suggests. I think they haven’t thought this through. Being remembered as a killer who did a school shooting, federal building bombing, church shooting whatever is simply putting your name on a long list of mentally disturbed people.
Maybe if we stop glorifying their actions and re-categorize their impact, their names would suddenly be insignificant. If they found themselves to be insignificant no matter the damage, you can bet they would lose interest in this means for attention. The challenge is how to achieve this and process the destruction they leave behind.
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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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