Organic Cuisine, Maria Hines Restaurant (Agrodolce Rave review)

Agrodolce restaurant

Sampling the cuisine at Agrodolce in Fremont.

Check out this high quality, organic cuisine restaurant by fellow climber Maria Hines. Here’s a short review from a recent visit.

Seattle is one of those places where organic is more than a trend. People here care about the food they eat and eateries are quickly adapting, offering cuisines to match the demand. Maria Hines owns several boutique restaurants offering organic New American (Tilth), Meditteranean (Golden Beetle), and Sicilian (Agrodolce) cuisines. She’s been on Iron Chef (you have to watch this clip!) and is also a climber, which is how I met her.

We were both at a Mountaineers event at Seattle Bouldering Project where Alex Honnald and I were spending the morning climbing with some Mountaineers members.  Maria told me she owned a few restaurants and intrigued I got a few girls together to sample one of them. Unfortunately, the day we settled on did not work for Maria to join us herself, but she did provide some appetizers and a desert for us to sample along with our meals. We were delighted by this since it gave us a way to taste a variety of things offered on the menu. Her polenta fries still linger in

Agrodulce Menus

Agrodulce Menus

my mind as a savory treat. (I simply cannot find anything of that quality here on the East side.) Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the meal. If I lived on the West Side, I would frequent her places more often. Here’s a short summary of my experience, but I highly recommend eating at one of her restaurants for an experience of your own.

Thank you, Maria, for making our time an extra special one!

First, location and ambiance. Agrodolce sits in downtown Fremont a Seattle neighborhood. It’s small, typical of the size of many of the restaurants in that area. This makes for a cozy environment, though the space is not cramped and we had plenty of privacy, added by the arrangement of tables and the scattering of booths.

Grilled Bruschetta

Grilled Bruschetta

The waitstaff was very helpful and courteous. Prompt with service, and very knowledgeable about the menu. When I say this, I mean they didn’t just know the specials, they knew exactly where the food came from, which farm, for instance. Have you ever seen the first episode of Portlandia? I had never had a conversation at that depth about my food before. They take great pains to serve only the freshest and truest organic items on the menu. The difference is in the flavors of the food.

Some of the items we had included


Grilled Beets, assortment of pasta one with wild boar, YUM!

Grilled Bruschetta
Polenta Fries
Antipasti Misto

Dinner (hand-made pastas)
Semolina Malfada
Wild Boar pasta
Roasted Beets
The Special of the Day

Limoncello Sorbetto
Desert Wine

The photos don’t do this place justice. You simply have to visit and taste for yourself.

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