Gear Review: Incase EO Rolling Brief

DSC00656I stumbled on Incase while searching for a new rolling travel bag. I did some research and after being introduced to their products, I’m intrigued by the offerings. First, they specialize in camera bags of all types for a wide range of uses. Next, they offer tablet sleeves, ipad cases and some travel bags like this EO Rolling Brief. I don’t really need a camera bag or backpack, though they look really cool, but their other products could be of some use. I got my hands on the EO Rolling Brief and was asked to write a review.

I’m not affiliated with Incase and I’m not getting paid for the review, though I do get to keep this bag.

To check out all of their products, go here.

IMG_2606The first thing to notice about the Brief is it’s sleek design, and sturdy, bright wheels. There’s an outer compartment, easily accessible with a zipper sleeve that blends into the smooth, weather resistant front panel. Walking in the rain with the bag means that water droplets roll off the front panel and don’t collect or leak into the compartment.

Next, you notice 3 sets of zippers on the bag.  One is for the front compartment, which holds up to a 15″ computer in its own sleeve, but could easily accommodate larger outside of that. The reason this is not a good idea is that the bottom of the compartment isn’t padded, outside of the sleeve, which could potentially prove harmful to a computer during transit.  With some bottom padding in the general compartment, the overall system could be snug enough that it could eliminate this restriction. In addition to the internal computer sleeve there are organization pockets and room for business papers, pens, and the like.

PackPack_SideThe middle zipper opens the travel compartment intended to store an array of clothing whether for a short business trip or a weekend getaway.  An expansion zipper accommodates that little extra you might need for your extracurriculars like climbing clothes, shoes, harness and/or other sports attire. I wish the middle compartment zipper went all the way around rather than half way. Sometimes I need to stuff something in and the restriction limits that ability. Similarly for the interior zip pocket that keeps your clothes snug and in their place. The zip line stops near the top on the open side, which seems to get in the way when I want fast access without opening the entire compartment  and laying it out. Perhaps the bag should open from the handle side, rather than from the side.

weightRolling this thing is actually quite nice and smooth with wheels that roll over sidewalk cracks and other crevices with ease. The handle molds into my hand, at least the rubberized grip makes it feel that way and even the telescoping rails didn’t bulge from added weight. I like to stack things whenever possible to keep heavy items off of my shoulders. The handle on the actual bag held sturdily when lifted even during my heaviest loads.

My overall impression is that this is a really nice bag and any frequent traveler would appreciate its benefits. I’ll know how it holds up over time as I give it more use. Look back for an update soon and if you have used this bag or consider using it, feel free to let me know.

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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