Rock Climbing Pullup Bar review

garage setup

The complete setup

I have always wanted a space where I could train the way I wanted to train without having to pay gym fees and rely on maybe having the equipment, setup and space to do what I want to do the way I want to do it. Finally, this year, I decided it was time to build out a space of my own. The bare minimum for training, in my mind, is a pullup bar. As long as I have a pullup bar with 360 degree ground clearance and unobstructed height above me, I can do pretty much anything. I have gymnastic rings, a Freestyler, and a rope that I can hang from the bar that allows me to do most of the climbing training exercises I would want to do. Add a few free weights, medicine balls, elastics and a hang board and I have my own training system. Bonus if I have a system wall in there, too, but I wanted to start with an attainable goal. Priority 1, find and install a pullup bar.

My garage

Prepping the garage

I did some research and asked around to see what kind of system would be cheap and effective for my space. I imagine I’ll be storing my vehicle in the garage from time to time so I didn’t want a bar that intruded to the point that my vehicle wouldn’t fit. I also needed something that was easy to install because I’d be installing this myself.

Of all of the options, I found a pullup bar that seemed perfectly suited to the task. It was a little pricier than my budget but the system seemed solid, reviews were good and it was height adjustable. There were 3 different sizes to accommodate different ceiling heights, and this would be perfect for me to set it for the clearance I desired. The setup included two different bar settings within the system, which I thought could come in handy.

I reached out to and soon had a pullup bar on its way. Excited, the prepping began.

Studbar package delivery

There is a handy installation video on the website that I followed, though I made the mistake of not using a drill with a minimum of 14V at the start and became perplexed why I couldn’t get the lag bolts into the studs. I also missed the part in the video that said I needed a 3/8″ adapter to turn my drill into a socket driver. Watch the video closely, it’s very thorough.

Once I had the power drill and the adapter, the installation was very straight forward and I was able to manage the parts on my own and complete the setup myself. I took some photos and a video to document the process. Check it out here.

Studbar setup

Studbar setup

I know I am a small framed woman, but, this pullup bar system has been tested on my 6’5, 215 lb boyfriend and many others. I also do a lot of dynamic exercises that really stress the system and it has been holding up well. Bonus, my local gym when in Seattle also has this bar, which sees way more traffic than my garage setup. I highly recommend this pullup bar.

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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