Go Bobcats!!

It’s mid-terms, parent-teacher conferences are underway and our students completed their 2nd project: Space Invaders. Tonight we meet with Kentucky’s Senator McConnell who will be visiting Microsoft’s Corporate Campus in Redmond, WA meeting the TEALS staff and the Instructors for this program. We’ll teleconference him back to Kentucky to meet several of the students, some faculty/board members and myself. We don’t have much time with him, but I hope we can impart how impactful this program has been. One of the parents who came to parent-teacher conference earlier couldn’t say enough about the positive impact this course has had on her son. I hope we can convey as much to the Senator in our short time with him. As for his exact agenda for the visit, it isn’t entirely clear. From my understanding he just wants to know how Microsoft found Lee County. J I guess I have something to do with that so I’ve been brushing up on my school spirit in preparation for this meeting.

Otherwise, I’ve finally settled into life in Ky. I am always somewhat surprised when I move around and find myself unsettled and homesick. It doesn’t happen every time I move but this last stretch has definitely been challenging. I am lucky to have guests coming to town and that keeps me sane. Right now, most of my time has been about work or the school and I haven’t been meeting up with people as much as I would like. Climbing has been on the back burner, but I have finally been getting out! I know I will feel better as things settle down and I get into a rhythm.

Lee County High School Mascot

Lee County High School Mascot

Finally, I can’t say enough about how well everyone is taking care of me. William Owens, the chairman of the school board, has a lot to do with that, I think. I am very grateful for his generosity and considerations and for everyone who stepped up to contribute on my behalf. Even Linda of Lago Linda’s has had a hand in helping. I not only have a very nice home to live in while I am here, I have a private and secure work office complete with a window that opens so I can get some fresh air (and try not to think about everyone out climbing when I’m inside working). J Seriously, this is a tradeoff I’ve taken on and I’m not complaining about it. Working with the school, seeing the impact of this program on the students, witnessing the transformation this school is undertaking…well, there’s a lot here to feel good about. I am excited I get to play a part (even a small part) in giving these kids an opportunity they would not have had otherwise.

And now, for my first meeting with a Senator! …

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