Charity Events as Motivation

5K Charity Run

5K Charity Run

Recently a large corporation hosted a series of events to raise money for charity. Among the numerous events from poker tournaments, silent auctions and dunk tanks was a 5K race. Over 1,300 people participated in this race and raised over $130,000! The money went to different charities like Teen Feed, Northwest Organization for Animal Help, etc. 1,300 people isn’t a lot for a company of their size, but it does show how dedicated people are to helping others. Those few people raised a lot of money and had a good time doing something that is good for their health.

Corporations aren’t the only ones doing great things for charity. Many organizations and cities host a variety of events throughout the year to raise money for good causes. Sometimes putting energy into something that you know is doing good for someone or something can motivate us to get up and get out or maybe it motivates us to try harder and push our limits further. If you find the change of weather is getting you down, that there’s too much distraction with the Holidays on the horizon then signing up for a charity event may be for you.

Holidays are all about giving and to really get in the fitness game, invite friends to join you. to help colleagues and friends ante up more funds make some crazy investment in the event, like my friend in the cloud outfit. Training can be fun and have a purpose. If you’ve never trained for anything before, I can help by being your personal coach. Ask me how to get started!

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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