2011 Canadian Bouldering Nationals, recap (in brief)

Mike Doyle Men's Final #1

Another competition, another opportunity, a great way to reconnect with friends and to test yourself on some of the best problems some of the best routesetters in the Nation can think to create. This is, in summary, what it was like to be out east participating in the Canadian Bouldering Nationals.

Mike had plans to head out there, show himself and represent mostly so he’d not be forgotten when the Lead World Cup invitations came out. Me, I was along for the ride. It was a great opportunity for me to be social and make a very brief visit to Ohio to see some family.

Sarah Austin Wmns Finals E4

I didn’t make finals (see my journal entry if you want to read about my personal experience at this comp), qualifying in the upper teens (can’t remember), but Mike did. And, to show just how beastly he is, and how little it mattered to him how he placed, he went all out in the Citizen’s comp the next day, then competed in finals that night. He qualified for Finals in 14th (there were 3 non-Canadian and 1 under age competitor who qualified making the total finalists 14 instead of 10). Then he took 4th in the citizens and finished in 10th in Finals. It was pretty impressive to watch.

Finals was exciting with a packed house. I got a good seat for watching Mike on all of the problems, but was challenged to capture some of the women’s problems. Despite that, I did the best I could and you can find the photos I took out on my webshots photo site.

Magnus Mitboe, Sean McColl, Angie Payne and Vikki Weldon took the show. Magnus and Angie won the comp but Sean and Vikki won the Canadian Championship. All of the competitors looked strong and the problems looked super fun. Magnus almost made them look too easy.

Thanks for a great time (setters, sponsors and the like). It’s always a treat to be welcome above the border.

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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