Red Rock Rendezvous

March 19 – 21, 2010Red Rock Canyon

      The Red Rock Rendezvous
is a Mountain Gear sponsored event that takes place in Nevada's Red Rock
canyon. They provide events and clinics for a weekend of fun. Last year
3,000 participants signed up to attend. The weather go the best of the
event on Sunday pushing clinics to the nearby climbing gyms, but this
year, the weather was perfect. The clinics seemed to go well and the
attendees looked like they were having fun. All of the proceeds from the
event went to the Access Fund.

the third year in a row, I've helped my friend Ali Rainey with her
clinic.Alli's clinic She has taught a variety of different topics with this year's
topic being 'Climb like a Girl.' Her sponsors were very generous, giving
her goody bags of product to give out to her clinic attendees. Native
Eyewear for example, provided her with a pair of polarized sunglasses
for each paraticipant in each of her 2 clinics.  Thanks, Native
Eyewear!  Prana provided some clothes.

 man's best friend   
Alli's clinic was held at the Sandstone Quarry parking where she set the
group up on a climb called 'Man's Best Friend.' This was a beautiful 2
pitch climb and perfect for her clinic. The belay zone was small and
there was a scramble descent approach. This meant help with the clinic
was more about getting people in and out of the crag more than helping
manage the people. After getting all of the kinks sorted the first day,
the second day, I skipped out during Alli's lesson to get in some
climbing of my own.

    Galen and Mary My cousin Galen and his
girlfriend Mary were in town and fortunately we could meet up
this day and climb together. We stayed near Alli’s clinic and climbed some slabsViren Take a Powder
near the Trophy wall that were in the shade. By early afternoon, we moved to the
Trophy wall itself. We had just enough time to try 1 climb but the climb
we wanted to try was taken. We stepped right a bit and tried something else.
The guide had joined me in this climbing excursion and was attempting his first
5.12. He was awesome, fearless and very strong.

    GalenMy cousin also tried the route, even though he had done his first 5.10a
lead a few days before (he’d started climbing around the Holidays this past winter). He
was awesome on the route as well. I was suprised how quickly hesorted out the movemnets
and managed the opening crux. He didn’t stick the last move in the crux, but he got on it
exclaiming as he fell away “ah, it was a good hold, too!”

    It was a short but very full trip. From an athlete’s perspective, I love attendingAudrey
because it’s a great way to see all of my friends in one place. Now that I have participated
in this the last few yesrs, I’m even recognizing some of the attendees. The rendezvous is a good
time and I recommend checking it out if you’ve never done so. The caliber of athletes is high and
it’s your chance to learn something from teh pros. 🙂 It’s a great way for the athletes to
help out for a good cause and give back to the community by making themselves available to you.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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