0909Triple Send Day at Little Si

Triple Send Day!

September 30, 2009

     Some days are just the best
climbing days. Yesterday was such a day. Despite the rain and cold, the rock
turned out to be dry and conditions perfect for sending. There were only a
few of us at the crag and fortunately (for this occassion) none were sharing
the same line. It happened that while Ben Shrope was on his project
(Hydrophobia) that Ben Carney was on his project (Flatliner) and Jake
Hjorten was on his project (Black Ice). Now, you may think, what's so odd
about that? There are often people climbing at the same time, but! How often
does it happen that each sends their project at very nearly the same time?? 
This is what made it a Triple Send Day!

  Mark the moment in history. Jake and Ben were on lines next to one
another, but Ben Shrope was on the other side of the crag, hidden by the
wall between us. I was belaying Ben S. As he headed up into his crux on
'Hydro,' I could hear some voices saying 'come on,' 'yeah buddy,' 'that's
it,' 'you got it,' 'finish it up!' I knew it was Ben on 'Flatliner' and knew
exactly where he was with each cheer for him. When he clipped the anchors
and hollered his victory cry, I was hooting with him! Naturally, the energy
was high and I was psyched for his success.

   But then, there was Ben on 'Hydro' and he was moving through the
upper crux and clipping the last bolt before heading to the chains. It was only a moment after Carney’s send that Ben was celebrating his own success!
And, as soon as that had commenced, I could hear the cheers and grunts from Jake and the crowd there and knew he was in his crux nearing success or failure on ‘Black Ice.’
I was holding my breath and imagining the moves he was making, thinking about the holds and the sequence when cheers rang out and I knew he’d made the top and was clipping the chains!
It was one, two, three, in the span of only moments that half of our party had sent their projects. Beers were in order and a tall salute was made for this historical moment.
None of us had ever witnessed such a thing before. It was incredible!

Congratulations guys!!! Send some MOJO our way! đŸ™‚  


About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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