ABS Nationals Finals, March 23, 2009

ABS Nationals Finals, Boulder, CO

Monday March 23, 2009

Some photos and video of ABS Finals can be found


my Webshots photo site.

The final outcome was as follows:

Men’s Results

1) Daniel Woods

2) Paul Robinson             

3) Sean McColl

4) Ethan Pringle

5) Julian Bautista

6) Johnny Goicoechea (SEA)

7) Carlo Traversi

8) Magnus Midtboe

9) Nalle Hukkataival

10) Ryan Sewell

Women’s Results

1) Alex Johnson

2) Chauncenia Cox

3) Alex Puccio

4) Gabi Masse

5) Lisa Rands

6) Kate McGinnis

7) Kasia Pietras

8) Sydney McNair (SEA)

9) Tiffany Hensley

10) Elizabeth Asher

The finals were a blast! There was a line around

the gym waiting to get in and despite being back in

the line some ways, I found myself in a rather

decent spot, thanks to Adam and Tyson who were in

early. A Vertical World crew gathered near the

front, which made prime viewing for the women's

problems. Men's problem #1 and 3 were blocked from

view. Sometimes I could see from the big TV if the

camera was showcasing some moves on those problems,

otherwise, I couldn't see anything. Therefore, most

of my write up will be about the women's problems.


problems looked super rad! First out for the guys

was a guy in a pink unitard,

Maxim Zolotukhin. First

out for the ladies was Kasia Pietras. Next out for

the women was Seattle's very own Sydney McNair.

The first woman's

problem started out pretty technical. There was

mantel press into a vertical wall and a long leaning

move onto a pretty good hold that you swing onto

followed by some techy moves, a slightly tricky

sequence and a powerful finish. Only the Alex's

topped that one, though Syd came super close!


#2 looked really good. It started up a corner with a

tough move onto a sloper. It looked as though once

you got that, you got the bonus hold, easily. Only 1

person topped this problem: Chauncenia Cox. Everyone

got the Bonus.

Problem #3: This

was a more typical boulder problem. Tensiony and big

moves.  This problem provided some separation,

at least. 6 of 17 people got the Bonus hold and 3

people topped the problem.


#4: This looked like the coolest problem of them

all. It had a double hand dyno start, some wicked

traverse, tension moves to a powerful finish. 3

people got the Bonus hold and no one topped.

While the bonus

holds were placed better, the zone scoring was still

not as effective as it could have been for several

reasons. First and foremost, there were not enough

problems to provide good separation and prevent

large bottlenecks of ties. For example, 6 people

tied for 7th place.


the guys, there seemed to be fewer bottlenecks. The

end of the 2nd problem looked really hard, yet,

Seattle's own Johnny Goicocoechea very nearly stuck

it!  The last problem looked wicked fun and I

have a video some people's attempts.  All in

all, I had a blast watching and would do it again in

a heartbeat!

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