Murphy’s Law con’t

I have to add an update to that last posting….so after a peaceful lull where I was sure the worst I would get would be a group of noisy kids running in the lobby…something I could definitely manage. Well, it turns out that was not going to be the worst thing to disrupt my ‘business’ time. I was nice and cozy, busily working when a kid comes in. Now, imagine, I’m in a Hotel business center at the very back, next to a wall and there is nobody else in the room but me. There’re two computers both free because I’m working on my laptop. I like the desk and chair so I figured I would just hang out there for as long as possible and not have to bother my hotel room mates. So, this kid comes in and walks over to the machine on the desk I’m at and stands there staring at me. I turn to him and he says he wants to use this computer. I point at the other one and say it’s free but he refuses to use it. I ask what the difference is and he says the sound doesn’t work on the other one; he has to use his headset. I don’t clue in right away on this point, but I ponder the situation and conceede to swap desks for him.
The moment I stood up, he literally took my chair. So, I moved my stuff out of his way and over to the other desk. As soon as he logged in and before I compeletely set myself back up, he starts playing Mario clips from some video on Youtube. It’s super loud and in another language (the kid has a strong accent and it now bordering on being mentally unstable, in my mind). He says things to me about what Mario is doing, saying, how the other characters are responding. He goes on about how bad it is what Mario is saying and asks me repeatedly if I would say those things…at first I indulge him with a comment or so, then I try to ignore him, but he shakes my chair and continues to engage my attention. I start packing up but he doesn’t skip a beat as I put on my coat and start walking off…."come over and read, see the subtitles, itsn’t that bad? would you say that?…" 
i walk back to my room and wake everyone up. 🙂 at least i’m online, and i can handle their distractions!

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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