Please, please, please, please stop taking down our trees!!!
I don’t know what’s gotten into me today, but I was deeply saddened at yet another development effort in Northern Washington where a plot of trees are being taken down to make way for yet another strip mall addition. 😦  
I don’t understand why we can’t build into the landscape instead of building over it.   I’ll pick on the Microsoft Campus a bit, though they do try to preserve some trees….There once was a forest of trees between main campus and the freeway. The first plot of the forest was stripped to make room for the buildings I know work in. the 2nd set was stripped to pave a transit center, which is a flat blacktopped area. It’s probably because it’s cheaper but they just ruined a whole forest! They didn’t need that much pavement. People who park there could have a parking garage (underground) with the transit running above. It would have spared the forest some and integrated the structure into the landscape. Same with these strip malls. Why just pave and build a mile long strip of single storey units??? sprawl, sprawl, sprawl…i’m sure some designer can create an eye pleasing structure that is more contained and less destructive. I mean, haven’t we figured out that there is only so much land to expand into???
It probably didn’t help that I drove past 3 different trucks carrying trees that had been stripped down from somewhere. When I drove past this last patch I got angry and sad.  At lunch today, talking with a friend, the idea of how business works, sucks sometimes. to always have to look at a person as a potential sale, rather than a comrade or a person outside of the desire to make money or in this case, the idea to build quick and cheap with little regard to the environmental impact…it’s living a life with blinders.  My friend and I both agree we are not good at that….and I just wonder if these decision makers in our world weren’t more conscientious, maybe our economy wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in….which brings to mind a final question….shouldn’t our expansion slow down or stop….to mitigate the decline we are in, right now….wouldn’t that save money in the long run…not that i want people to lose their jobs but perhaps they shouldn’t have been employed in the first place….

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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