Redmond police targeting Microsoft employees

If you live in Redmond, then you know exactly what I am talking about. I have been warned about the police stopping Microsoft ‘tagged’ cars and being unforgiving in their tickets.  To park legally at Microsoft you have to register your car with security. Once registered, you get a parking tag that you display in your front window so security won’t tow your vehicle. A lot of people leave that tag on their rear view mirror even when they are not at work. Microsoft families then become easily identifiable by the tag in the window.  I think this helps the Redmond Police Department when deciding who to target.
I’ll spare you details of a horrendous pulling over experience I had with one cop (who must have been fighting with his wife that morning and decided to take it out on me). Suffice it to say, he was not at all lenient and i was only 5 over the speed limit on a Sunday morning in a deserted business district. Adminittedly, I should not have been speeding, but given my clean record, a warning would have sufficed. As it was, he threatened to slap another ticket on me for not having an up to date insurance card in my car (freak accident, i’m usually really good about these things); oh, and let’s not forget his parting words for not giving me that ticket: "it’s a $400 ticket for not having proof of insurance, but seeing as you have an Audi and all it’s not like you can’t afford to pay it, but, you’re getting off with just a speeding ticket." *hrmph*
So, when I point out that the latest speed trap at near the Overlake Transit Center and the former Group Health building, I’m pretty serious that they are looking for the quick bucks. Usually there is 1 patrol hanging out in the mornings and I often see some poor soul getting ticketed as I drive into my building’s entrance drive. Today, however, there were 2 patrols…just hanging out, waiting for a victim. Now, this stretch of road is easy to speed on….you’re in a hurry to get to work, or there’s not much on it so you just cruise along. Usually, it’s doing about 35 in a 30. Sometimes, there’s the person zipping through, but it’s rare.
Today, I was headed onto campus to get my smartcard enabled before heading north to Vancouver. therefore, I had the pleasure of cruising past these coppers twice this morning. the first time, like i said, i was surprised to see 2 patrol cars, hiding and preying. The second time, I looked for them or some poor victim. One patrol car was turning around in the old Group Health drive (obviously going to do another round or set up for a watch). the 2nd patrol was in amongst traffic.
This site got me to thinking how they target Microsoft as a source of revenue.  I’d seen it before in counties where there’s a good place to create a speed trap.  Soon there’s the question of the police department relying on that as a revenue source.  Patrols have quoatas to meet so they have to pull some set of people over to make money. It’s really not fair. Or at least, it really feels unfair. These patrols only target that one stretch of road…prowling for a victim to feed their money hunger. and, who travels that stretch more than any other sector of the community? Microsoft Employees.
Personlly, i hide my parking tag and only display it when parked on campus; but, as you can see from my story above, it didn’t help me when the guy decided the Audi was a good target. *cha ching*
By now, everyone, like me, is learning to watch their speed on that stretch. I wonder how long they’ll keep that up because I’m not liking the whole ‘be on alert’ feeling when driving that stretch. I keep thinking they’ll just pull me over to pull me over…because of my Audi or because I’m a woman, or maybe because of that damn tag (if i forget to remove it).

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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