Tim Horton’s bagel let down, 95.3 the Crave and SNL

A small bit that my Canadian friends might find particularly interesting.
Leaving Vancouver this past Monday started out like any other ordinary commute back to the states. I left a little later than usual, but not too much later, like 30 minutes later. The sun hadn’t risen and I was forgetting all kinds of things before finally accepting I was going to leave some things behind (left my sunglasses 😦 ) there were only so many trips back to the house I was going to make!  At least I went back for my phone, but not having sunglasses on this particular Monday made the last 2 hours of my commute particulary difficult.
Anyway, I look forward to the Monday commute because I get to do two things that are now a part of the ritual. 1) I get to listen to Nat and Drew on FM 95 Crave and 2) I get to enjoy a Tim Horton’s stop for a toasted bagel, a muffin and a coffee. Now, this particular morning I was looking forward to the ritual to keep my mind off of the fact that my boyfriend is heading to Europe on a 1-way ticket and I’m thinking about returning to Microsoft in a full-time capacity. 😦  Well, Nat and Drew were their usual selves, and to my surprise, I got to listen to the entire show…which for anyone who knows the show knows it runs from 6am to 9am. Well, do the math and you quickly realize I’m almost home in the states by 9am. Wow! I literally had a perfect signal from N. Van all the way to the Edge of Kirkland/Redmond on the I-405.  I lost it completely by the time I hit the 520 interchange. 🙂  Now that’s some signal! 
As for the Tim Horton’s stop, well….the cashier was clearly new and she’d misrung my order, ringing me up for the cream cheese on my bagel but not the actual bagel. Not sure how she did that. Anyway, I pick up my muffin and coffee, which are prepared immediately and wait on the bagel. The bagel worker notices me still standing at the pick up counter and comes over to see why I am still there. I tell her I’m waiting on my bagel and an investigation into the order of my bagel ensues. After some deliberation, they put together a bagel for me and I walk out to eat it on the road.  Border traffic was a bit backed up that morning so it provided a great opportunity to enjoy my morning meal….only, the bagel was cold and obviously not freshly toasted and the muffin didn’t taste right. 😦  Maybe the muffin was fine, but the aftertaste of this horrible bagel might have tainted it. Anyway, now I’m going to be skeptical of orders at this Tim’s…and maybe any little coffee shop. But, you should know this one was on Marine Drive, it’s the one in the new shopping plaza that opened east of Boundary.
Anyway, for a last commute in awhile, I was really let down. 30 minutes at the border, a crappy breakfast but still a really fun show on the Crave
So what is so fun on the Crave? you have to listen to find out, but I think Nat is particularly funny. Monday’s show had a segment on the latest SNL skit on Sarah Palin.  I heard references to the first one on the Crave the week before. It was awesome!!! Check them out if you get a chance: http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/.

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Tim Horton’s bagel let down, 95.3 the Crave and SNL

  1. Pea says:

    Ya gotta watch the side-by-side comparison of Palin and Tina Fey on MSNBC:


  2. Audrey says:

    That is hilarious! Thanks Pea!

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