Daniel Pearl Foundation

On my drive north today, I was listening to KIRO 710 news radio and heard an interesting interview with Daniel’s father, Dr. Judea Pearl. Dr. Judea Pearl is a professor of physics talking about his mission to spark sanity and humanity. It was a fascinating interview with him talking about his research into why terrorism thrives and the values that are the base of that culture. His son was an innocent and easy target used to send a message and brutally murdered for his ethnicity. The Foundation focuses on cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music and innovative communications.  (yes, i got that straight off the web site).  Dr. Pearl’s interview helped me see more clearly what is the motivator for a terrorist and why they feel no compassion for the innocent they impact along the way. He tells how terrorists believe their grievances supercedes everything and becomes the most important and immediate focus. The brutality of the messages suggest they mean business. But their cause is flawed, as Dr. Pearl is trying to show. The immediacy with which they strive for satisfaction, ignores the long term ramifications for their culture. Hate breeds hate, but still they want a better life for their children…and how can one go about providing a better life for anyone when you are off crusading your grievances? You can’t. In order for this to happen (eventually, and hopefully), the tide must change and the pendulum must swing away from the extremist point of view. Dr. Pearl makes a good case for this and I want to believe.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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