Voice over IP Rocks!

I just spent my entire day working remotely from the office and using Microsoft’s Office Communicator as my phone for important meetings. It was awesome! I put on a pair of headphones, hid away in a private room and did all of my office work from my laptop. I used Microsoft’s VPN to access corporate resources, including remoting into my HPC cluster. I could have participated in Live meetings or used a web came to do a video teleconference, but I didn’t.  Still, this is what I imagine technology should do for me: enable me to be effective from anywhere to anywhere and all from one device.  No one would have known the difference, except that I kept bragging about the part where I wasn’t in the office working…now, if only I could get internet up here…..:)
and, yes, this is me….

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete, climbing coach, computer software/technology enthusiast and occasional enjoys baking, cooking and fine wine.
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