Life, Love and a bit of randomness

This past weekend my cousin and I went up to Squamish to climb a little and enjoy the good weather and the company of my boyfriend for a bit of the weekend. These are some of the random things that struck me while up there and making my way back south.
Being a single parent can not be easy, but being a single parent who is a full time climber must be harder. Fortunately, there are many friends around who will help out and want to look after the little one. Otherwise, I don’t know how you could do it.  I’ve watched a youngster growing up in this environment and am amazed at how adapted she is. The lifestyle seems to suit both parent and child. Watching her tiny hands as they grasp for vines and anything that will help her climb up and over or around the forest is too adorable. her coordination is amazing for her age and she already speaks words. She’s potty trained and just plain beautiful. maybe it’s her stunning features that set her apart, but i think her growing attitude has a lot to do with the approach of the parent. while it’s likely to be a bit of a burden and dampen the usual lifestyle, i’m glad to see someone so capable and mature embracing this responsibility.
After some interesting conversations on the drive back to Seattle, it ocurred to me that there is no magic in love. I think magic lives in the idea or fabrication of love, but is not love, itself. I’m not trying to dampen any romantic ideals, but it seemed to me that once you made the hump past magic, it’s really only about choice and balance. Maybe it’s the choice to fall in love, stay in love or even stay in relationship with someone even if the love seems gone. Maybe it’s the balance of fulfillment you want or strive for that keeps you in relationship. Either way, magic is about fantasy, conjuring up something out of nothing. It’s not real, although it can feel very real to anyone who wants to believe in it. Choice is not fun; it’s accountable, it’s proactive, it’s actionable, and it’s sole owner is the one choosing. I think it’s fun to believe in magic and the mystical, but it’s still a choice to make. All in all, chemistry may zing, interests may shift, hardships and conflict may impose but in the end, to love and want to be loved, is a choice. All the reasons that you tell yourself why you do or don’t do it today were choose long before.  so my thought for today is chose to love, chose to strive for balance and make the choice to be where you are today so you can fully appreciate and enjoy what you have.  Our time here is too short to be bothering with fantasy or regrets.
I heard on the radio today that New Kids on the Block were making a come back with their recent tour. Seriuosly??  I second the show that said they had no idea there were so many people into them.
And, here are some photos from the weekend up in Squamish

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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  1. Shyam says:

    That sounds pretty deep … 😀

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