Teva Mountain Games, June 10, 2008

Monday June 10, 2008 

My first experience watching a climbing World Cup
and I was lucky to have it be in the US. This was
the first one in nearly 20 years and it was hosted
at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. 
The weather was forecast to be poor or sketchy at
best for the weekend, but it turned out to be
awesome; except for the youth world cup that was
hosted on Friday where it was wet, snow and cold.
Seattle hasn't been seeing much sun this spring so
the change was definitely welcome. In fact, Mike and
other Canadians from Vancouver who have been
suffering similar weather patterns found themselves
more than pink. I wish I had a photo to show how
lobster red one shoulder of Mike's was!  But, I
digress from the World Cup…

Not having experience with World Cups, I wasn't sure
what to expect. I was excited to be there and super
excited to be part of the events by participating in
the Teva Mountain Games Citizen's Comp. I learned
the host country could send 10 participants for each
category and that meant there would be a good number
of canadians that I have come to know, attending. I
was both jealous and excited for them. Someday I
hope to have the experience of a World Cup. I only
hope to be strong enough to make it off the ground
in one!

After this weekend, wow! The problems were wicked
hard. Qualifiers, for example, for the women saw 0
tops on the first 3 problems. Fortunately, the 4th
problem saw better with a handful of flashes out of
nearly 40 women attempting the problem.  For
the men, problem 1 saw a good number of tops and
flashes. Problem 3 saw only 2 tops: 1 by Paul
Robinson of the USA and 1 by Gabriele Morone from
Italy and neither of them flashed it.

You can view the story out on my

webshots site
through the photos Mike and I
took. Qualifying in 1st was Alex Johnson from USA,
2nd Anne-Laure Chevrier from France, and 3rd Chloe
Graftiaux from Belgium. For the men, Qualifying in
1st was Paul Robinson from USA, 2nd Gabriele Morone
from Italy, and 3rd Chris Sharma from USA.

Semi-Finals seemed a bit better with Kilian
Fischhuber of Austria flashing all 4 problems.

For the finals, the sun was setting, the chill was
creeping in and all athletes were stationed in front
of the wall, backs turned, trying to keep warm in
between their turns. Women's problem #1 saw a good
number of sends, men's problem #1 did not. women's
problem #2 saw no sends, but the men's problem saw
many.  women's problem #3 saw some tops, it
wasn't particularly difficult once you stuck the
bonus hold….just jump to the finishing jug. but,
it must have been a relief to the women who had been
spanked on all previous problems. Men's #3 had
Kilian and Daniel so close to the top that I
couldn't believe neither actually stuck it. Women's
#4 had a few sends with some really good attempts.
Men's #4 saw one top by Kilian Fischhuber.

End results:

1) Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) – Alex Johnson (USA)
2) Gabriele Morone (ITA) – Katharina Saurwein (AUT)
3) Paul Robinson (USA) – Anna Stohr (AUT)

For more information on the World Cup, check out
the following sites:


Teva Mountain Games

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