getting in shape is hard!

I finally took my bike out and road to work. It’s the first bike ride in over a year and I could feel it! I didn’t realize how out of shape I’ve become in the last 2 months since being back. I think especially it’s the last month. I’ve tried hard to spend time with friends but that means happy hours and indulgences. I’ve been less than disciplined. Today for example, my team celebrated their Beta 2 release by treating the team to Pizza and a movie. The day before, they had a morale event of BBQ’d burgers, which I forewent. However, the pizza and the movie was too tempting to resist. I tried to stick to just my pizza, but someone ordered a lot of appetizers and it’s been a long time since I’d had prosciutto, seasoned mozzarella and tomato’s, cured meat and fresh basil, antipasta (artichoke, olives, pimentos), and 2 different types of parmesan cheases. MMmmmm. The pizza was delicious as well! I can’t believe I sampled so much.  We received a gift card for popcorn and pop at the movie, but I saved that even though I was tempted by the popcorn. It’s like all of a sudden I want all of the things I’ve been avoiding or skimping on. Danger, danger. So, the bike ride was hard…probably because I have to haul some weight around on it! hee hee.  I hope the next ride feels better…oh, and when is the sun going to come out this year?? Biking in the rain is not very motivating when you are just getting back into it.
btw, the movie was the new Indiana Jones. I like Indiana Jones and I thought it was a fun movie, but…there were too many cheesy and not well played out parts of the movie that put me off. Were they all like this??  I didn’t mind the unrealistic and totally far fetched nature of the film, the adventure was fun. I’m strickly speaking about the relationships in the movie…Mary Jane?  Mac?… a bit over the top and for me, that didn’t fit with the film. oh well. i’m just glad i didn’t have to pay to see the film, myself.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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