Seattle, May 13, 2008

Tuesday May 13, 2008 

Busy in the workforce, indeed! It's been 6 weeks
since I started work, again. Wow! Already the
corporate life is consuming. I am enjoying being
back in the workforce, despite not seeing my first
paycheck, yet. I was very fortunate to land the
position I did and I look foward to seeing it
through the summer, maybe longer.

Now that I'm nearly moved back into my place, it
feels more and more that I should settle in. I start
needing things from storage, wishing I had a lamp,
or some other furniture and it makes this temporary
setting difficult to believe.

This evening was awesome, sprawling the dishes,
making fresh garlic bread and broiling it crisp.
Mmmm, and now, I'm catching the void up on my
happenings while watching 24 on my 'big screen'. 

First, I lost track of which season I last saw and
apparently have guessed incorrectly, twice now. I am
now watching season 5, which I've already seen. I've
already fixed this and eagerly await season 6 disc

Next, I finally put air in the tires of my bicycle,
but have yet to ride it. I bought new running shoes
(desperately needed), but haven't had a chance to
test them out. I don't dare run in my old ones,

Climbing has been going ok. Training is not as
diligent as it was in the beginning. In part because
the drills are harder to do on my own (I can't do as
many sets and I don't push myself as hard). But, I
did start climbing a bit more, which is a refreshing
change. The weather here is more wet than dry so
heading outdoors isn't an issue.

Speaking of staying indoors, this past weekend was
my 'big' slideshow here in Seattle. I had really
awesome support from various companies (Sterling
Rope, Metolius, Petzl) and raised $100 for the
Access Fund. While that isn't a lot of money, the
event was enough to talk about the access issues in
two of my favorite climbing areas: The Red River
Gorge, Ky and Hueco Tanks, Tx. Vertical World let me
use their space and even kept a resource on staff
for an hour after hours. I am super appreciative of
the folks who came out or stayed later to
participate in this with me!

Finally, and not least of all, I have been honored
that a small group of women out of Seattle want to
train with me. Every Tuesday we have been meeting
and training. These women are amazing! Each of them
is super strong and talented in their own way. I
have been enjoying my time with them and have so
many ideas for what we could do in the class that I
can't wait for the next class to come. 🙂  And,
since I've been training mostly on my own for the
last 2 months, I get a special rejuvenation after
working with these ladies. They are super motivated
and enthusiastic and such quick learners. It's truly
a treat.

This weekend is the Canadian Nationals and I signed
up to participate in it. It will be a deep field and
pretty intense. So now, I am working long hours and
still trying to train so I don't embarrass myself at
the comp. We'll see how that goes. 🙂  More

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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