random bits of stuff

there is something about this space that works as a social network. for me, it isn’t easy to post small random stuff on my website. my website is better for longer bits of interesting thoughts, events, reports, journals, etc. anyway, with that in mind, i dump the last bit of time here for the random reader to chew on…
–seattle drivers.
i think i ranted on this before, but now that i am spending more time here, it has struck me again how different the lifestyle has become since i originally moved here. before i left, i think i noted how crazy drivers were on the freeway. think LA driving. weaving in between traffic, speeding dangerously through congestion, and squeezing vehicles into tiny spaces developing between cars.  Dangerous! Well, today is not that much different, but it’s transferred to the side streets. People seem to be in a hurry to get where they are going. There are more horns heard, red lights run, pedestrians running across cross walks, and people getting cut off or cars zipping ahead to move up a spot in the line.  Crazy! The old Seattle mentality is nearly gone. Very few people still let cars merge in front of them or drive the speed limit, slowing down and stopping at a red light. cars stopping in the road if a pedestrian even thinks about crossing has become scarce.  SLOW DOWN people! there’s no rush to be anywhere and if you think otherwise, then reevaluate your priorities. Afterall, you only have 1 life to experience…is it worth filling it up like that??
–moving and logistics.
now that i am back, i have the opportunity to move back into my condo. it’s been quite the learning experience. first, logistics. setting up the utilities, power, internet, etc. Even though I tried to pay all of the bills before i left, keeping in mind some of them would arrive after i’d left, some things still fell through the cracks. For instance, the utility company told me today that i owe $114 past due from 2006. ?? i called them and specifically requested the final statements be sent to a specific address and i was in the area for two additional months so i know i would have seen a bill, but a bill never came and apparently, i had this outstanding balance.
similarly but a year later, my insurance company changed underwriters. all of my policies were cancelled last september because of non-payment. well, since i never intended to lapse on my vehicle insurance (i was suprised to learn while driving across the country that my van wasn’t covered!) nor on my fire and dwelling, but as it turns out, my fire and dwelling was cancelled since last sept. no, i didn’t restart it. i’m going to find another company for that! 
finally, the cost of a move is incredible. life in the van is simple in all ways. life in the city is not. everything has a charge associated with it and everything has a string…like a site visit to initiate internet. Extra costs for their modem and of course the contract you must get into (yearly, 18 months, etc). I don’t want to be bound by contracts!! I also don’t have time to take out of my day to deal with site visits.  i’m going broke just setting up all of these things and dreading the monthly deductions from my paycheck.
so, while i have been enjoying being back in the work force, focused on my training…i’m finding myself resistant to adapting and overwhelmed by all of the small things i must do, fix, or otherwise engage in to make my time here comfortable.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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