Seattle, March 5, 2008

Wednesday March 5, 2008 

left the VRG last Sunday (I sent my proj! yay!) and
did the longest drive I'd ever done by myself. I was
fortunate to be hosted by a friend in Salt Lake,
which broke up the drive a bit. Monday, I drove from
Salt Lake all the way to Seattle. It was a long day
but I was up for it so it was good. I had originally
planned to stop east of the cascades, about 3 hours
from Seattle so I could drive the pass in the
daylight. However, as I neared the town I thought I
would stay in, I found myself preferring to finish
the drive that night. Fortunately, this was not a
mistake. The pass was heinous and I was hyper alert
while slowly making my way up and over in snowing
and snow covered roads. I was relieved when it was
all over and extra tired from the extra intense
ending. I tried to get a room in town, but
apparently, some hotels/motels have policies against
renting out to local residents. I was bummed. I had
been looking forward to a nice hot bath, a sleep in
on a nice bed, and some internet. 🙂 I found the RV
park where I'll be staying and crashed there
instead. I hardly slept in but made up for it today
when I found it difficult to rise. 

The RV park is not as nice as I had imagined it
would be but there are warm showers, laundry,
internet, water and electricity so I'm happy with it
so far. It's a bit like a sardine park, but then,
I'm hardly here so I doubt it will matter much. I
only wait for the day when I can set up the van so I
can be comfortable.

Since my arrival, I've been running endless errands.
I'm sorting out things I've put off, dealing with
snail mail and important logistics like doing my
taxes. 🙂  I've hardly climbed since I left the
VRG, and it's been ok. The gym has changed
significantly since I've been away. Some things are
the same, like Tyson is still coaching the jr team,
but many of the Jrs that I remember have aged out of
the team so there's a set of new faces hanging
around. Also, only a small handful of people I used
to climb with have been showing up to the gym. Where
is everyone???

Also since my arrival, traffic immediately reminded
me of what I don't like about this area. It was the
following morning after my arrival that it became
clear to me that I am done with this city. It helps
that I don't have anything to come here for, this
time, other than friends. I was looking forward to a
job, but nothing has come of that, yet. I'm
investigating some options and will hopefully know
soon what I will be doing….and hopefully that will
mean earning some $$.

While I've been feeling overwhelmed and strapped for
time, despite my typically early rise, it's been
hard to catch up with Mike. He's in Vancouver
working and I hope to see him soon! 

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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