Audrey Onion, February 22, 2008

Friday February 22, 2008 

As I have gotten older and travelled more there are
a few things that come up that I may not have
discovered or taken notice of otherwise.  For
example, recently there are a flood of Audrey's
everywhere. For me it started with a woman I met in
a bank in University. Next it was the girl on the
shuttle in Maui competing in the same triathlon as
me. Then, it was little Audrey in my local climbing
gym. The surest sign of the popularity of the name
was when a girl joined a neighboring team of mine
within Microsoft. For the first time, ever, I had 2
Audreys represented in a room. It was awkward and
silly because each time someone would refer to us,
they wouldn't nickname us so both of us would
attempt a response before realizing who they were
actually addressing. Finally, it was in Squamish
where another Audrey was traveling with two friends
of mine. The 4 of us hung out and tried to no avail
to find a way to easily distinguish us. Like little
Audrey, we came up with the creative distinction,
Audrey 1 and Audrey 2. hahaha. Well, it is certain,
Audrey is appearing in TV shows, movies, and popping
up left and right around me as I travel.

Likewise, I have met two people who are also adverse to
onions. Now, if you have known me for some time then
you know that I don't eat them if I can help it. I
really, really, don't like them. My grandfather grew
the sweetest onions, or so it was claimed by my
family for at least 2 generations. Something about
this proclamation made it difficult for my family to
understand that I don't like them, sweet or not.

When I was young, maybe 8 or 9, I remember a glass
jar hosting a dozen sweet bulb onions still at the
end of their stems, sitting in the middle of the
dinner table. Grandpa was over, and everyone was
snacking on the onions like mini apples, everyone
except me, which was noticed. I insistently refused
but not without some badgering from various family
members. At the end of the meal, after everyone
retired to another room, I was left to clear the
table and this jar still held 1 or 2 onions. I
looked skeptically at the jar and decided I would be
brave and try one. Surely if they were sweet, they
couldn't taste that bad, I thought. I cautiously bit
off the bulb and chewed. It tasted like an onion. I
could detect a hint of sharp onion, but it was
milder than any I'd had before. Still, I had to
force myself to swallow and prove that I could eat
them. The slick skin was slippery in my mouth and
the accompanying crunch, odd. I swallowed and it
stayed down. I was thrilled! I ran to tell my
familly that I had eaten one, but no one believed
me. I wasn't sure I could stomach a 2nd one so I
never ate another one but the memory of that day has
never faded from memory.

Since that time, I have tried, and still try to eat them
(much more rarely now, though), but they have
never tasted good to me. I don't like their texture,
taste, or aroma. Well, with the revelation that 2 other people share this aversion, I
couldn't believe it! I'd never met another person
who didn't like onions. I'm thrilled to know
someone else shares my dislike for them. Woohoo! I'm
not an alien, afterall (for that's how people look
at me when they find out I don't eat onions). ha ha

I think this traveling has revealed that like the
theory that everyone has a twin in the world
somewhere, that unless you expand your horizon you
may never discover that a twin exists. Now, none of
these Audreys nor either of the two who dislike
onions are my twin, but I may never have discovered
them or these traits if I hadn't been such an
explorer. It's thrilling to meet another Audrey
because it's always been such a rare name, to me.
And, likewise with the onions, at least I know that
I'm not alone. 🙂

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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