Summer in Seattle

While technically not an actual road trip, since I live here, it stays in the category because my road trip is not finished and the stop here is only temporary.
  First, after returning from Australia, I set about getting myself fit and ready for the fall. I got lucky with a job as a contractor back at Microsoft through a former colleague, and one of my friends was kind enough to house me for my time here. The weather has been more or less agreeable for me. With work, I don’t focus so much on that part of my time. I have options for things to do, people to see, and etc.
  I fell into my old routine pretty quickly, once I got the job. I even worked in a building across the way and parked in the same parking garage as before. Right now, I can tell how conflicted I feel about leaving. I really enjoyed the opportunity I had here, and am thankful to have an open door for me in the future.
   For getting fit and climbing, well, the knee and my little pinky are still recovering. I can’t believe how long it takes tendons to heal. It doesn’t help that I won’t stop climbing or hiking and I even attempted to run recently. 🙂  I did get in better shape than I was when I left Australia. And, I got to spend quite a bit of time with friends in the climbing community here and in Squamish. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!
   Living with my friend has also been a treat. He’s been super helpful and put up with my ridiculously early mornings, my two vehicles in his garage and my general way of just untidying things enough (it is a a house to live in, afterall *jk*). Now that my time is out and the trip is to begin, again, I will miss my comfortable bed and the portable heater that keeps me comfy and warm all night. Oh, and I’ll miss my grill. I really enjoyed all of the BBQs I was able to have this summer.
   Now, it’s bye bye work and hello trip. But, before I jet off, I have packing and errands to finish (oh, and one side trip to Squamish for one last pebble wrestle!).
   After that, next stop, Boston!

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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