It’s good to keep perspective (food for thought)

Today at physical therapy, I had an interesting interaction with a woman in the changing room (let’s keep this clean, ok? :). Anyway, she was sitting on a bench looking pretty tired and I was packing up my things in my gym bag when I heard her say
"you’re really thin"
I realized she was talking to me so I looked over at her (not sure that I should say ‘thanks’ or if she was taking a jab at me) at which point she began to elaborate. She was telling me that she gets codeine injections that make her balloon and put on weight. She was describing how difficult it was for her to exercise given her injuries and her pain. I completely empathized (having been there myself, except for the codeine injections).  As she continued, I didn’t know what to say or how to comfort her. I wanted to express how little she understood of my situation and that perhaps if she knew how my body was metabolizing itself, she might not be so envious. But, I kept it to myself. She was obviously struggling with her physique and unhappy with her current state.  As cheesy as it sounds, I wished her luck as I left the room. I really didn’t know what else to say.
As I walked out of the changing room and pondered what just happened, I was reminded of how easy it is to pass judgement based on our perspective: a sort of ‘grass is always greener on the other side.’  Anyway, it struck me to consider this notion and pass it on.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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