recap: Climbing, weddings and more

This past weekend was full of fun times. First, I had the chance to play in the forest under the chief with some friends from Columbus, Ohio who were in town visiting for a mutual friend’s wedding that weekend. It was a lot of fun, running around to all of the boulders and trying various problems. My friend, Julie, is super strong but after struggling her first two days was crushing everything she touched on the last days. 🙂  it was awesome to watch! I even met another Ohioan named Audrey. The first day we climbed we joked about the squares: Audrey^2, Ken^2 (though, one guy was really Kenny), and Julie^2 when Julie, Kenny’s sister, called.  🙂 Such confusion! Best part was that no one could really come up with a nickname for either of us so we just had to work harder to catch the context of conversations where our name was involved. 🙂
Another fun part of climbing with Julie is that we got to work on some of the same problems. After she hit her stride, we pretty much sampled much of the same stuff and tried to learn from each other the best way to do each problem. Her boyfriend, Kenny, worked a few of the same problems, too, which made for a nice social scene while we were hanging out. I took some photos on their camera so if any of them come out and I can get a copy or link to them, i’ll update the blog.
Much of the weekend was about socializing more than climbing, for Mike especially since he was leaving Vancouver that Sunday. Though we tried to hang out with everyone, we inevitably cut things short or out as we made our way through town and then back to the city for a wedding.
The wedding was awesome. I’m such a sap these days. I don’t know what happened to me! I nearly cried when the bride came down the aisle and again during the vows. I mean, Nikki was beautiful and the vows were touching, but seriously. Since when have I been a weeper at weddings?  I mean, I even danced to the chicken song! at the reception and, I never dance to that.
I didn’t get many pictures of the wedding or reception, the lighting was poor and my views were not the greatest, but I think I got one or two that I can post whenever I get to uploading them.
The following day I tried to make my way back to Seattle but after ungodly delays at the border, I turned around. I drove to Kelowna, with Mike, instead. There, 2 of his friends were having an engagement party. I wanted to go, but thought the drive might be too much for me. As it was, the drive there allowed me to spend some more time with Mike and get to know 2 of his friends better. We sat around a campfire toasting marshmallows (of which I probably ate the entire bag!) and having a great time loong into the evening. That night, Mike finally got some much needed sleep (he hadn’t been sleeping since he came back from Australia, really). The next day, after breakfast and a lake break, we began the harry potter book and then I drove back to Seattle.
Mike is still in kelowna preparing for his road trip to riggins, SLC, and rifle.  I probably won’t see him until he gets back to get me so we can begin our fall tour. I’ve opted to work for the summer, save some $, pay some bills, etc. so I won’t be ready to head out until Sept or so, anyway. I’m actually pretty ready to head out, now, but I know I’m doing the right thing by staying put. Mike and I will see enough of each other once we start traveling again, so here’s a little breather space in the meantime. 🙂

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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