Back in Seatle, First week of work

Although I’ve categorized this entry as part of my roadtrip, it would seem that I am easily back into my corporate life.  I am living with a friend in Kirkland sleeping on my bed (he’s kind to store it for me 🙂 and working back at Microsoft though in a somewhat different capacity: as a contractor instead of a fulltime employee. This transition has not been easy, but I made it through this week and I feel more or less adjusted. I am continually surprised at the acclimation process from one style of living to the next. Now, despite being back at work, I’m still more or less in travel mode. I have only the clothes that I have been traveling with along with a few pieces I recently purchased and some that I found in one or two of my boxes from storage when I was there to clean things out a bit. I’m also not climbing nearly as much as when I was on the road. I’m not acclimating fully back to the life I had because I want to continue this journey I’ve set out on come this fall. The summer job is a great way for me to make some $ and give my body a break. It feels somewhat surreal to be back working in a team I used to work in and not be full-time, but the familiar work and faces is making the time enjoyable all the same.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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1 Response to Back in Seatle, First week of work

  1. Unknown says:

    you\’re so lucky to be in a career that has that kind of temporary job opportunity at your level.good luck with your recovery 😉

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