Finally, an update :P

It’s been some time since I’ve written something, but mostly I attribute that to not much happening in my life lately. The blueys were dismal, physical therapy was helpful but the days dragged on. It’s no fun to sit around and have no focus or goals. I’ve been working on that, but climbing just isn’t happening right now. Frustrating. I pulled the plug on physio there and moved back to Horhsam where Mike and I have been living for the last while. It’s been a mixed blessing being back. Highlights are that I can climb at Arapiles, improve my gear skills, we get to meet old friends and familiar faces back in Natimuk when we are there. Lowlights, we seem to have brought the rain with us. This is considered by locals to be the first real winter in 10 years!  Not such a good thing if you are here to climb, but I’m happy they are getting all of this rain. 
We are renting a room in a house full of non-climber, young 20-somethings. It’s a really nice place and the people are super friendly even if we don’t have much in common.  Mike and I continue try to get out climbing as much as we can, but it seems I’m restricted to Arapiles rock. It’s not that I’m complaining. Arapiles is awesome and I am enjoying every moment, but I am missing my chance to climb at the Gramps!  Knowing this, I’ve decided I will focus on my gear climbing and fitness and save the Grampians for a time when I can be back to really appreciate and enjoy the climbing.  This is a risk, but I am currently planning to return next spring.  It’s the only way I can feel good about not getting much climbing done there and still be here. My other option was to return home earlier than planned. Well, that’s happening, too. 🙂  I booked my ticket for early June! 
To finish my time here in Australia, there are some things I want to do that are not climbing related. I tried for an observatory visit this past weekend but we left the cliffs too late and weren’t close enough to know we’d make it before they closed. I have been hoping to visit this observatory since we arrived. With any luck, next weekend will go better. Still, we did spend some time with a star chart. I finally got to see scorpius in it’s entirety! We also saw Hydra, Virgo, Saggitarius, Leo, Orion, and some names that aren’t coming to mind right now. Right now, I am trying to plan a wine tour in the Coonawarra region while the weather stays crap. If things work out, I will then head to the Great Barrier Reef. There isn’t much time left for me to climb. So much to do!  The other item on my to-do list, we did yesterday.
Yesterday, we found a Wildlife Preserve on the way out to the observatory so we returned yesterday when it was open. It was fabulous!  Animals were on the nature trail with you as well as behing wires to prevent you from trying to feed dangerous animals. We saw all kinds of birds, deer, kangaroos, wallabies, and the one thing I wanted to see: a Koala. 🙂  I have some video from the visit that I will splice together and post somewhere. Meanwhile, there are photos from sunsets, sunrises over the mounts, and from the Preserve. Check them out here and don’t forget my webshots photo site (see link to the lef). 

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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