Opportunities and Focus

Recognizing opportunities seems to be in my thoughts lately.  In my day to day life before this trip, I don’t recall being faced with as many opprotunities as I seem to be facing while on the trip. I think perhaps it has something to do with the fact that in that day to day life I was so busy I never saw the opportunities.  Based on my experience today, I think I must have had tons of new opportunities presented every day, but I just never recognized them.  Recently, some events have happened that helped me realize the opportunities I am missing today and gave me some food for thought as I reflected on my ability to recognize and take on opportunities in the past.  What does this have to do with focus? In short, I realize that by denying myself opportunities, I create a place of apathy or a space lacking focus.  When I take on opportunities, I find my life feeling fuller, more engaging, and I get a sense of growth as I stretch my comfort zone. Opportunities have come to be refreshing and revitalizing.  When recognized, they seem to add a bit of focus and direction to my life. 
I am pretty slow on the uptake for recognizing an opportunity when it presents itself. I think seeing them in hindsight will help me recognize one sooner. Meanwhile, as I sort that out, if I can pick up on a lost opportunity after the fact, then I am making an effort to do so and right away. One thing I have realized on this trip is that time is short. You have to create your reality day to day and if you lose focus, you lose opportunities.  
I have a long way to go to really make use of opportunities. It just seems that this is a theme of late: lost opportunities and how to make up for them. I figured if I shared my insight or thoughts, I might be able to help someone out there shortcut to saving themselves from losing out on something themselves.  Good luck!

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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1 Response to Opportunities and Focus

  1. Kathy says:

    We as humans tend to seek security and when we are in our comfort zone, even if we see oppurtunities, we will make excuses to not take them (since ultimately this leads us out of our comfort zone and this threatens our ego).   But I also believe that when you open your mind to new oppurtunities (whether it\’s because you have more time or because suddenly you\’re less focused on the rat race), that they start presenting themselves in all sorts of ways.  It\’s like you\’ve opened a floodgate.  I would be curious to know more about how this time away from your previous life has changed you and challenged you in ways different than it used to while working at a full time job.  I know of the saying that \’life is short\’ and that we will regret the things that we didn\’t do at the end of our lifetime, more so than the things that we did do.   Thanks for sharing 🙂

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