132 days…some stats

We have been traveling for 132 days, now. here is a brief look into how our trip has broken out:
Sept 30, 2006 — Left Seattle
  • 132 — # days on the road (as of today)
  • <$500/person — average living expense cost per month (fuel, food, housing)
  • >$100 — coffee and scones (thanks to a nice gift card from Mike’s work!)
  • ~40 — total # of days spent climbing (Mike’s probably up around ~50)
  • 22 — # of unique states we crossed while driving
  • 31 — # of cities/sites we visited and explored
  • 11 — # of states we crossed more than once
  • 8 — # of times we crossed an international border
  • 4 — # of times we splurged for a hotel or motel
  • 3 — # of countries visited
  • 3 — # of times we went to the cinema
  • 1 — # of flats (unfortunately it just happened AND the tires were brand new! less than 2k miles on it. đŸ˜¦ apparently, we didn’t realize it was flat it so we drove on it like that for an undetermined amount of time–chewed up the inside of the tire from riding on the rim. ouch!)
  • 1 — # of times our van was searched at a border
  • 1 — # of times Mike was pulled over for speeding (and it happened this morning!! i have no idea how we managed to get out of a ticket.)
  • 1 — # of times Mike was harassed by border patrol (one border patrol asked him if he was a citizen, he replied ‘yes, Canadian’ to which she asked him if he was mexican-canadian. we both laughed at that. i really thought she was going to take him in!)
  • 1 — # of times Audrey was harassed by border patrol (i actually have a stamp in my passport for a 6 month visa to Canada. first time that has ever happened to me! the guy was very clear that if i am moving to Canada i need to visit with immigration. i’m not planning to move to the big ‘C’ anytime soon, but thanks for the reminder!)

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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1 Response to 132 days…some stats

  1. Shyam says:

    mexican-canadian, wow, brilliant .. that\’s umm, gotta be somewhere between mexico and canada, right?

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