Feliz Año!

Happy New Year!
This week in Mexico was amazing! Mike and I went south from Monterrey to check out another climbing area called El Salto. I really, really enjoyed the climbing there. I have tons of photos of our travels here in Mexico and will add them as soon as i have time to go through them and get them on my computer. I can’t express enough how amazing my time at El Salto was. I was so psyched for more that I tried to convince mike we should extend our travels south of mexico city for a larger scale El Salto-esque climbing area, but we don’t have that much time before we leave for australia so we are back north of Monterrey in a place called Portrero Chico’s for the new year.
Btw, I am planning to sell this Eurovan in February. Anyone interested? 🙂
One more thing, with the new year comes new year’s resoutions or in my case some sort of theme to help put some purpose or focus on the new year. since i can’t remember what my ‘theme’ was for last year, i have decided that i either picked a poor theme or this theme thing isn’t working for me. the year before, with my ‘appreciation’ theme, seemed to work well. this year, i am at a loss for what to pick as a focal point. i’ve already taken the biggest leap i could imagine so i don’t need to re-evaluate my life in any way at the moment. i’m actually quite fine with where i stand in life as it is. there are some smaller scale challenges i could put forth such as overcoming fear or turning fear into action. maybe create a goal for how to be a productive member of society while on this trip? seems to be a theme as road trips go on…that people start to feel that they lose a sense of purpose. i’m open to ideas, and i’ll post something more on this when i think i have found something.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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