2 months on the road, and life in Kentucky

it’s been a bit over 2 months since we left the green state of Washington. here is a brief look at how things are going.
First, only in Kentucky…
There are homes here that i think would topple with the slightest winds, yet, even after last night’s 50mph gusts they still stand. worse, some of these homes are occupied!
next, county roads. i’ve been on a county road that trails part of a river. when you come to the river you drive in it until you get to the other side…repeat this until you reach your destination. this can’t be good for the environment.
speaking of environment, there are oil drills everywhere here. a lot of the land we want to climb on or pass to get to a climbing destination is owned or shared with the oil companies here. this is not a friendly sharing and there are delicate lines being drawn that we carefully try not to cross. the politics around access down here is a loaded gun that i won’t go into here, but neither party would be happy if the other were to tread on them.
speaking of access. right after thanksgiving one of the local climbing areas called ‘Torrent’ closed. oil companies threaten closing more areas every day. other areas like Torrent are on private land that we are fortuante to have access, but every day places like this become a risk to closure. there is a red river climbers coalition that tries to help protect these lands, but every climber or visitor can do their part. i still can’t get over how thoughtless a number of people can be. seriously, just respect the land you are climbing on and take every caution to maintain a good reputation so people don’t get upset at ‘climbers’ and start shutting down more lands. it unfortunately only takes one person to spoil it for the rest.
Back to only in kentucky:
The local post office is shared with the market that runs the Chevron.
there are dry counties and you’d better be sure to know which is which if you are going to bust open a cold one at any given time.
you can not buy alcohol on sunday
you can still smoke indoors in most places (bathrooms, cafes, etc) and a lot of people still smoke.
every road sign you come across may have one or more bullet marks in it
rickety homes sometimes have the most number of dogs (big ones, too!)
every ‘major’ road is numbered, even if it’s gravelled
gravelled roads may be considered a major road
locals really believe they have a county ‘physical court’ instead of a ‘fiscal court’ and will gladly correct you on your mispronunciation!
All in all, the climbing here at the red river gorge has been spectacular, if only the weather had cooperated more. Mike and i are now the only 2 left at Lago Linda’s and we hope to be out of there shortly. this cold front that has just moved in is more than enough to get me thinking of moving further south and quick…now, if only we could finish our projects so we could really motivate and be gone!! 🙂

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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2 Responses to 2 months on the road, and life in Kentucky

  1. Shyam says:

    That does sound crazy .. like, only in the movies. But somehow believable.

  2. Unknown says:

    Let us know if you make your way southwest….

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