Resurrection Falls

If you have been reading my blog, then you know this climb at the Red. if you haven’t, then all you need to know is that this climb was really hard for me and and after 5 attempts (mostly between the 1st and 3rd bolts!), I finally sent the route and clipped the chains!
I am very happy for this. this climb is super bouldery for 4 bolts and i had to work out how to get past the 1st bolt. then, with the powerful moves to the 4th, i had to fight the cold and climb with numb fingers (quite unsuccessfully). finally, it all came together, albeit a bit of a surprise to me (this was tuesday) so i wasn’t climbing smart or efficient (it was my 2nd time going from the ground to the last bolt) so i fought for every hold past that last bolt only to fall just short of a jug mid-way to the chains. i was happy with my performance because i knew i could get that far again. and, now that i had a run up the top section (at least that far), i hoped to be better prepared (mentally and physically) when i went for the chains he next day.
wednesday everything came together well for me and climbing the route felt good. i had no trouble with the bottom section, pulling the moves quickly. the rest i get at the 4th was numbing my hands, which was irritating, but i seemed to keep some blood in them to climb solidly to the 2nd to last bolt. i felt poised and relaxed. the holds felt good. my body seemed to be cooperating and the last rest before the push to the chains felt solid (can’t really recover, but i could get my heart rate down, which is really all i wanted). on the way past the last bolt, i didn’t even hesitate as the run out continued and i found myself reaching for holds i had not yet felt on the route. thankfully, there was a good shake mid-way. i didn’t stay there long, but kept myself together to make it to the chains. it was a good moment when i clipped!
i think i can leave the red on that note. 🙂 but, i’ll stay until mike is done with his project. brrrr….

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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