climbing update

In brief:
weather: so far, one decent day with mild temperatures and now it is cold to freezing, with winds.
My climbs:
Breakfast Burrito – onsight
Check your Grip – Flash (on TR)
The Toker – onsight
Burlier’s Bane – onsight
Kick me in the jimmie
Ale-8-one – this one i will go for the redpoint soon
mike’s noteworthy climbs: 🙂
The Flux Capacitor – Flashed
Dirty Smelly Hippies – Onsight
Longer version recap:
the past few days have been a real eye opener. the weather has turned brutally chilly with winds that make it difficult to climb, but that did not stop us from making today (sunday) our 2nd in a row day of climbing here. yesterday, was our first. the weekend crowd had crept in overnight and places like the mother lode were packed. saturday we climbed at drive-by and the undertow. i wasn’t climbing too much, still nursing this darn injury or whatever it is and since i haven’t been climbing steep stuff, i’ve got to get my steep endurance back! i climbed ‘breakfast burrito,’ which has a really interesting and semi-scary move out of a huge hole in the rock, and another climb called ‘Check your grip,’ which was super fun! i was trying to take it easy that day, but managed to onsight a route called ‘Burliers Bane’ later that day. it was a good way to end the day despite not having enough in me to pull off ‘Kick me in the jimmie,’ another stellar 12a next door, in the dark. 🙂 Mike’s tick list is too long but two climbs of note are his onsight of ‘Dirty Smelly Hippie’ and his send of ‘The Madness.’
sunday, we climbed at the bob marley wall. I only did two climbs before returning to the undertow wall: The toker and some heinous 11d on the far right wall. i did get up Ale-8-one, which was super fun and I hope to be able to redpoint that before too much longer. all in all, the climbs are amazing and steep! i think mike actually took two falls today, once on an 11d where a hold broke off in his grip and another on a noteably reachy climb (12a) called ‘Dogleg’ where after good efforts he fell trying to stick the 2nd biggest move on the route. i think he even used the draw to pull past on that one. 🙂 check his site for his endless other ticks. 🙂
so, what was the eye opener of the last few days? well, as i’ve been out climbing, I’ve been meeting lots of other climbers. everyone has a tale to tell and from what i have seen and heard, everyone i am meeting climbs super hard or at least really hard. 🙂 it’s been awesome to see some amazing sends from people and to think that i’m out here climbing with them! it’s inspiring and a bit humbling all in one impression. anyway, i’m equally happy to see a fair number of women climbers here. everyone has been super friendly and linda of lago linda’s has been super. for a campsite manager/owner, she has gone out of her way to make us feel welcome and even accommodates our climbing budget (she has not made us pay more for our electrical hook up).
with the weather turning so cold so early, we are tempted to find other places to climb, but have made no firm plans, yet. today is a rest day and a good opportunity to get online, do laundry, and other miscellaneous errands. Some friends of ours that have just moved to Columbus, Ohio managed a 2 days out here and took a few pictures of us climbing. the two of me are on ‘The Toker’. Thanks, Nikki!

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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