We made it to Kentucky! The weather has been terrible for climbing but we did manage to get out and climb 1.5 days. Many of our friends are arriving or have arrived so we have not been lonely. the weather has just turned cold and we are hopeful we can climb tomorrow now that the rain has let up. meanwhile, mike and i finally had a chance to find some internet and get online. we’re turning this day into a real errand day AND we finally have sim cards, which we will set up later today, too. 🙂

Living out of the van has been quite the experience. We have electricity and running water so overall we are very cozy. It is taking me some time to get the tetris part of life in the van under some control. and, at times, tearing down or setting up can be a production so we try to minimize the # of times we want to do that.

As for the climbing, it is awesome! The first day we tried to climb we climbed at a place called Torrent Falls. The rock was pretty moist or downright soggy, but we managed two 11’s on the 11 wall. the next day, the rock was super condensed (something to do with the dewpoint) so we hiked down to the motherload and scoped out all of the walls from The Playground to Shady Grove all the way to the Undertow wall. Everything was unclimbable. yesterday, we went out to the Solarium where we found the wall to be a tad condensed at the beginning but seemimgly drying out well by noon. I even sent a 12b called ‘Magnus Opus’ there before mike and i headed out to the sanctuary so he could get in some good climbing (he onsighted ‘Jesus Wept’ (12d) and ‘Prometheus Unbound’ (13a)). unfortunately, not long after we started climbing at the sanctuary, the rains came and did not let up all night! the good news was that the climbs were completely protected, the bad news was they were starting to condense as the fog kicked in…felt like a real rainforest in there!

The travel site has been updated and some photos posted to this site. I also took a snapshot of the trail from our trip so far.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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