Sending Spree!

What a day! i’ve been sick since Thursday and i mean sick! i’m now on antibiotics, but i still feel pretty weak and most of the time just plain miserable. that said, it didn’t stop me from trying to get my one project i’ve had my mind set on here at Smith: Full Heinous Cling. Yesterday I was feeling fairly physically strong despite the cold so I went for the send. I realized today that I had mixed up the sequence on the very last bit to the chains and ended up too far right. sadly i popped and took the longest fall I’d ever taken to date. (I swear I was near the chains of lower heinous, but it could have been a little further up near the first bolt on the upper section.) Anyway, today, i’m even more tired, yet it’s our last day at smith and my last attempt at Full Heinous and I GOT IT! woohoo! But, that’s not all! I’m not the only one leaving today thrilled with their climbing results. here’s a run down of the Sending spree that went on today:
Audrey: Full Heinous Cling (12c)
Mike: Bad Man (14a, though for him, it’s probably more like 14b/c)
Sierra: Tragic Light (full magic light, 12a/b)
Derrik: Aggro Monkey (13b)
I left the crag early to head back to the house and prepare for our trip east so I haven’t heard if anyone else had sends today. luckily we have photos, but those will be posted later. we are packing to head out from smith and onwards to the Red River Gorge!!
ps. yesterday and today, i had the pleasure of meeting Josune and Rikar. I watched Josune up lower Heinous yesterday and she was having trouble onsighting it. There is chalk everywhere so it’s not an easy route to read. As I watched her struggle out sequences, i had a quick revelation that while she climbs super strong, she’s still human. And, for me, that means she and i are more alike than different. This was a real treat for me. 🙂

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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