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I’d been thinking before I left about the kinds of information that people might be interested in hearing from my travels. Instead of guessing and pushing information out to you, which i still will from time to time, I thought i’d also open it up to you and have you ask me something and correspond a bit that way. My only request is that we keep the topics clean. 🙂 So, here’s kicking off this idea, via this blog. Let’s see how it goes!
Anyone have a burning curiosity and brave enough to post?

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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5 Responses to Ask Audrey

  1. Pea says:

    So, your living in that little tiny Eurovan. I know my 40\’ boat is going to feel like a palace. Tell us how you make that work. Ya got roon for \’staying friends\’ in there. Ya know what I mean…. NO not that. I mean how do you have your own space when there is none.

  2. Audrey says:

    Well, Peaboy (the brave! 🙂  that is a very good question. 
    As you know our Eurovan has the penthouse suite as well as the lower guest room that can used for the living room or dining room, depending on how we feel.  i have my music player, which often works for getting into another zone even with someone next to me; we also have books, games, puzzles, etc.  the biggest difference I notice is when one needs attention and the other wants to get away.  that\’s caused some friction but nothing where mike\’s had to take the tent out. 🙂  the easiest thing for us compared to when you are at sea, is that we can get out and get away.  i don\’t imagine the same luxury out in the middle of the ocean. 
    Another advantage we have right now (so maybe i should try to respond to this question again in 6-8 months) is that we are surrounded by friends.  this is by far the biggest reason we opted for the north american tour when we did. we are travelling with friends for most of this fall and into the winter.  so, most of the north american route will have enough variety that i think we will keep some sanity. 🙂 When we leave abroad, we have a fair network started so I hope we have a similar experience there, too. 
    Some curiosities I have for are
    when sailing, do you often meet up with other sailors…i imagine you do in the Sound, but that\’s a big blue sea out there…how does that work?
    how often will you dock at shore?  if you will dock, is it easy to meet up with the local sailors or is there a club for travelling sailors? or, do you just have to network before you dock and plan to meet specific people?
    how will you have internet?? and what will you do for phone? satellite?

  3. Shyam says:

    Write about the new & interesting food / restaurents or other places to eat / beverages you [I\’m sure will] encounter on this trip. Something like \’a climbers feasts ..\’ or something like that 🙂

  4. Audrey says:

    hahaha, Shyam, climbers are a frugal and sometimes desperate breed.  🙂  Eating out and adventuring beyond the camp stove, rice and beans is often a luxury.  However, yesterday we feasted like kings.  I took some pictures of some of the group, nothing of the food, though.  the grub was grilled sausages, chicken, veggie burgers, pretty standard fare.  On the other hand, i brought the last of my cellar with me and opened the Fonseca 1994 vintage port.  wow!  We have a Cockburns 1994 Vintage Port waiting for later this week. 🙂  I\’m saving the Grahams in a friend\’s cellar for some year down the road.  That will leave me with my last bottle, a Pride Merlot from 1999. 

  5. Kathy says:

    OK – I have to ask.  And I hope you are still monitoring this entry since it is from last month.  You\’ve mentioned that you are meeting a lot of climbers who climb hard on your road trip.  What are their backgrounds?  Do they work full time?  Are they dirt bag climbers? 🙂 Is the mentality out there different from the Seattle area?  Or is it weather related?  Just curious….

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